Is it wrong to be nervous?

We recently welcomed a new worship leader to our team. Just before his second outing, we were talking and he mentioned that his stomach was churning and that he was really nervous. I have been leading worship now for around 12 years and I remember that feeling well. In fact it was only the week before that I was feeling the same way!

Yes, I still get nervous, sometimes even to the point I feel ill. Is it wrong to get nervous? What happens when we become too comfortable in our role as worship leaders? What happens when we start to ooze confidence on stage? Is there a danger of it becoming a performance?

We should be relying on God to use us when we lead worship. If we get up to lead worship and appear visibly nervous, how does that affect the congregation? Also, if we are unable to relax in God’s presence, how does that affect our worship?

Even though I might be nervous beforehand, once the service starts I’m able to relax and be open to what God wants. I feel myself developing more in this area over the last year or so, and I’m excited about where it will go.


One thought on “Is it wrong to be nervous?

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