How To Make Scotch Eggs

Katie demonstrates how to make scotch eggs – one of her favorite things to cook (and eat).  You can find a recipe for scotch eggs here.

Tambourine Man

Someone in the band sent me this video a while back to support their case for tambourines on Sunday mornings.  While the video is very convincing, I’m still not sure about it.  

New website!

Well, this will explain why it’s a been a bit quiet on my blog for a couple of weeks now.  A few of us have been working hard putting together the new website.  It’s now live, finally, so go and check it out!!

Color Vibe 5k #C25K

On Saturday past I took part in my first 5k race for many years.  Just getting to the race with this team all in one car was something I’ll remember for a long time.  We got a good day for the run – cool, overcast and dry. Liz and I ran together around the course […]

Get Better!

If we get better our customers will demand we get bigger! – Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-a.

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

May 16th is Liz’s birthday, and a day that I traditionally take off work.  We send the kids off to school and normally hit some local place for breakfast together. This year we went to Parker & Otis in Durham and had a good yarn and a dose of eggs before driving out to Southpoint […]