Spring Break Movies

Here is a round-up of movies we watched during Spring Break. Liz finally got me to watch 12 Years A Slave.  As we started watching, Liz said, “You don’t like real life movies, do you?”  It’s true, I usually avoid them.  For example, I would sooner watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter than the Oscar winning […]

Family Devotion Time

We try to do a daily devotion with our kids each night around the dinner table. Each of the devotions are written at such a level, that even our youngest (8) can fully participate in the conversation. Family What? “Family devotions”, you say!  “They’re one of those families”, you exclaim! I used to think the […]

Birthday Girl

She has been counting the days since Christmas, and now it’s finally here… Sarah Kate turns eight!

So, Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

Katie sits at the breakfast bar eating her cereal this morning.  She is not long up.  I look over and she has a sad face – lip curled and everything. “What’s wrong?”, I ask her. “I have to get shots”, she replied. This was news to me.  I hadn’t heard she needed any shots. “When?”, […]


I love a good fire. It was so cold outside on Friday night, but with the fire blazing hot it didn’t matter. There’s something about a roaring outdoor fire that encourages great conversation. We sat around with friends, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and talking. The world was a better place by the time the night […]

Family Day Fun

We had a little family competition today. Each of us took photos while hiking a trail at Reedy Creek. When we got home we submitted our best photos and cast votes. Liz won. Obviously it was just a bit of fun and the scores shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Ok, Liz? Here is a selection […]

Blue Bunny Egg Cups

Katie had to have her boiled egg in a bunny egg cup tonight. A blue bunny egg cup at that. All our kids love a soft boiled egg that they can dunk their toast into. I’ve often thought someone should bottle and sell runny egg yolk. We’d buy it.

Parents, 6yr Olds and R-Rated Movies

If your 6 year old likes to go watch R-Rated movies on their own (or with a posse of 6 year old friends), a new rule is in force that may impact the little rascal. After 6PM, they must be accompanied by an adult if they wish to watch R-Rated movies. Also, it seems like […]