Photo: At The Seaside!

We headed to Kure Beach on Saturday, just for the day. You might not think it’s worth the 3 hour drive there and the 3 hour drive back, but I’m telling you it is. The kids love it, and so do we. The sea air just helps us to reeeeeelax and truly chill out for […]

Happy Birthday Poem for Liz

Dearest Lizzie, Of all your wonderful years on earth (so far!) I’ve known you more than half You may have even grown more wise – but Still act the eejit to make me laugh You most of all, have sacrificed a lot Continually putting the kids and I before yourself I tried to be like […]

I Need To Leave Grown-Up World

We sat around after dinner the other night to do our family devotion. The scripture was from Philippians 2:5-11, and is about how God left his world and came into ours – in human form. As we read through the story that accompanies the scripture verse, this following section really challenged me. No matter how […]

Spring Break Movies

Here is a round-up of movies we watched during Spring Break. Liz finally got me to watch 12 Years A Slave.  As we started watching, Liz said, “You don’t like real life movies, do you?”  It’s true, I usually avoid them.  For example, I would sooner watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter than the Oscar winning […]

Family Devotion Time

We try to do a daily devotion with our kids each night around the dinner table. Each of the devotions are written at such a level, that even our youngest (8) can fully participate in the conversation. Family What? “Family devotions”, you say!  “They’re one of those families”, you exclaim! I used to think the […]