Welcome To The United States

The Vance’s are now permanent residents of the United States! Woohoo! It’s been quite the journey. At times we were not sure permanent residency was even going to be an option. But here we are, thanks to God. Thankful for everyone’s prayers through this process. Thankful for my company’s support also.

This Girl Is Putting Me To Shame!

[vslider name="katiesongs"] My daughter Katie is 6 years old and loves music. She just started to write songs in her journal and share them with me. With her starting pace being a song a day, I am feeling a little bit of a slacker when it comes to the craft. I could always steal one […]

Daddy, She Gets Away With Everything

As parents, Liz and I set out to love all our children equally and not show favoritism. So, when one of our children accuse me of treating their sibling better than I treat them, I have to admit, it really irritates me. The fact that these accusations normally surface during a grilling session, I’m very quick […]

Recipe: Banoffee Pie (Ridiculously Yummy, Yet Easy to Make, Dessert)

Banoffee pie is a graham cracker base, with layers of banana and caramel, covered with a layer of whipped fresh cream!  It is up there as one of our favorite desserts, ever!  The best thing is, it’s sooo easy to make! Ingredients It is not necessary to use the fancy Great Value range as displayed […]

Pursue Your Spouse. Never Stop.

It’s heart-breaking when a marriage falls apart.  In recent years Liz and I have seen many marriages of people we know under attack, some seemingly beyond repair.  The worrying thing is, this seems to be on the increase.  Now more than ever, we need to be focused on our marriages to keep them as healthy […]