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Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Alastair Vance.  I’m married to Liz and have three kids – Nathan, Noah and Katie. We moved from Ireland to make our home in North Carolina, USA in October 2007.

I’m part of a great church in Durham (North Carolina, USA) called Story Church.  Our vision is help people embrace the story they were meant to live – God’s story.  If you’re looking for a life-giving church in the area we’d love to meet you.

I have a passion for Worship.  I love to lead people into God’s presence like nothing else.  This blog is used for mainly airing my thoughts around what worship is and how we can lead worshipful lives.  Not just on a Sunday morning, but every hour of every day.

The words in these blog posts are my thoughts and are not necessarily shared by other staff or members of Story Church.  I accept I can get things completely wrong at times.  I’m on a learning process, and your feedback will help me grow.

You’ll find what I think are some of my best posts here.


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