Video: Rushing Wind (Keith Green)

When I started off learning the guitar I was soooo into Keith Green.  This was one of my favourite songs and I used to sing it regularly at different churches.  I’m singing it again at a wedding this Saturday.

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Rushing Wind

Rushing wind blow through this temple
Blowing out the dust within
Come and breathe your breath upon me
I’ve been born again

Holy Spirit I surrender
Take me where you want to go
Plunge me by your living waters
Plant me deep so I can grow

Jesus, you’re the one who set my spirit free
Use me Lord, glorify your Holy name through me

Separate me from this world Lord
Sanctify my life for you
Daily change me to your image
Help me bear good fruit

Everyday you’re drawing closer
Trials come to test my faith
But when all is said and done Lord
You know it’s been worth the wait


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